Friday, June 18, 2010


Rough night for my teams yesterday, le bleu plays a shit game and gets beaten handily by the Mexican team

bring back zidane!!
Plus those dastardly Lakers beat out the Celtics for the NBA championship; damn you! Hopefully Argentina keeps it together or I’ll have to boycott watching sports altogether

yep, ol KG looks unhappy in this pic, but admit it, Kevin Garnett is the best thing about the NBA right now.


Kash said...

Nick, Tell me about it. Did you see the state of my boys from England... horrendous! I see Argentina vs Brazil final. Cheers. Kash

nick said...

Kash!!!!!! brilliant to hear from you man, thanks for checkin out the blog as well. yeah, the french lost out to the south africans today which completes their ultimate demise + i read that their coach was using the players astrological signs when determining who to play, wack.
Yep, the UK also seems to have collapsed in the tournament, which i'm not too bummed about as i am not much of a rooney fan. lets put our last hope on the man with the greatest name in soccer, SHITTU!!!!!!!!