Friday, March 20, 2009


back when capita just got started, i used to write for the now defunct one of my first gigs was to interview one of capita's founders, jason brown. now, this was a seriously nerve racking process for me, as i was (and still am) a huge JB fan. luckily JB was awesome to deal with and a super guy overall. i remember seeing him around mount seymour and he was always super friendly and eger to talk about capita. when the first line hit the stores i ran out and first bought his promodel (anj joked that i should have slept with the deck as i was so into it), then the OG board of death, it was awesome. one deck that i regret not buying is this star wars series JB signature board. the r2d2 graphic was bonkers, and i just should have bought it instead of cheapin out

i'm currently scouring the land in the search of this deck, so if you have one you want to sell leave a comment. thanks


Nose Dradamous said...

we get dudes trying to warranty that shit still. If one comes across this way, i'll grab it for you.

nick said...

Yeah Johan, that would be awesome of you. much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

If you're still looking, just found this on craigslist:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link man, i actually scoped one up all the way from utah.

thanks again