Wednesday, March 18, 2009

can't stop, won't stop

the snow continues and it just keeps getting better and better. mount seymour got 32 cm's in the past couple of days and there is no sign of slowing. just like me, the handful of people on the hill all had smiles from ear to ear, it was awesome. classic mount seymour, shit visibility, slow lifts, puking snow, powder everywhere, and super fun terrain. can life get any better? i submit, it cannot!

here i am throwin up the peace sign like a japanese tourist! by the way, i finally had an opportunity to test my burton ak goretex stuff on some classic wet coast snow. how did it do? you ask, brilliant my friends, just brilliant. jumped in the car after 4 hours of snowboarding; dry as a bone. thumbs up

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kca10 said...

What's going on? Looks like you had a great time at Mount Seymour.

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