Wednesday, March 18, 2009


check the date on this photo, 98' son! a decade ago the fellas and i were heavily into the local vdub scene. instead of being into chicks and partin' like we were supposed to, we would obsess over the wheels, suspension packages, exhausts, etc.. etc.. nevertheless, those were some fun daze for sure. here's a classic shot from the ol north van v-dub show n' shine. the funny thing about this pic is the styles; johhny boy in golf attire, bobby d looking like an esse', nan looking like he's in cypress hill, and aj and i looking like preppy geeks. check in the back, its "mindfreak" jheera pre rock star, while bobby D looks like he's throwin up gang signs too. dang we were tough! hah hah


blotto said...

yo, that photo is amazing...brings me back to growing up in Phoenix with our VW's...we did the air cooled versions...fastbacks, squareback and bugs.

Good times for sure.


nick said...

yeah blot! my fave of the air cooled had to be the fastback, such a cool car. prior to our watercooled phase i wanted a done out fastback or a VW thing (just to scare the neighbours), but ended up getting a rabbit. oh well, good times for sure