Thursday, March 5, 2009

good eats

i love bbq, seriously, i love the stuff. luckily vancouver is home to the Memphis bbq house; which produces some of the best pulled apart pork, brisket and corn bread this side of the south. todays meal included a pulled pork sandwich and fries, and ohhh was it good. the pulled pork sandwich is served in a super soft bun with slaw, and bbq sauce, killer.

is it weird to say i love you to a sandwich?
word on the street is that they are also setting up shop in south surrey, oh yes!


Anonymous said...

bitch, I told you that Elvis platter was only for one person... come on.. get your own..! Kash

Anonymous said...

ahhh nice to hear from ya k-man. you should come down, me you are nan will one time the "priscilla platter" we'll call it the "gluttony tour 09" i'll make t-shirts