Saturday, June 18, 2011

speed racers

Recently, Nan and the boys went up to Oregon Raceway to test out their rides and driving skills on the track. while i wasn't there, Nan has been raving about the experience every since.

now, I really dropped the ball on putting his video footage together, but better late than never i always say. so sit back and enjoy 8 minutes or 3.5 laps of ORP - nice drivin nanny boy!

by the way, i still hate techno, or trance or whatever you call it. but the footage is nan's so he picked the track; it does work well though


Anonymous said...

you don't hate techno or trance, you love it.

Anonymous said...

Stanton warriors for ever

Kash said...

The un-f**king believable DJ Raty does it again! it"s just like being in Germany on the Autobahn again Meinh Heren! Nan! It looks amazing and we love it! Wunderbar!! Kash