Monday, June 13, 2011

baggers and wolf shirts

Johnny boy and I dropped in on the Trev Deeley Show and Shine this weekend as we learned the unfortunate news that the Gastown motorcycle show may be cancelled for this year. So with the classic "I'm only gonna enter if you do" lines, we entered our bikes in the show and tested out our luck for the day. Strangely this years show had easily the lowest turnout that I have seen in ages, and while the bagger scene is obviously alive and well, the sporty and chop catagories were totally under-represented. That being the case, John and I were up against two other sporties - one which was an ode to the canucks with some crazy canucks thrown on it, and the other being a very clean, flame jobed 1200C. Despite this, people were hyped on the bikes and the feedback on the builds was super positive. In the end, John and I finished the day, winning the category; with John in second and me sneaking out the win which is actually funny as hell as neither of us expected anything.

the steeds

Additionally, a couple of Johnny's buds came out also with sporties which resulted in the highlight of the day; cruising 4 pack to the city = awesome.

the homies

Easily my favourite of the show. Built by world renowned bike builder Paul Cox, this thing took 3 years to build and the detail and workmanship was amazing

Overall, a pretty amazing day with some serious laughs and good times. Nice work fella's

he's a winner!!!!


Kash said...

Rockstar, congrat's on the win, We love the bike! Kash

TheGlove_20 said...

Your a WINNER!

nick said...

thanks fellas! sports boys are blowing up!!!!