Friday, December 11, 2009

star wars X adidas! i loves you

yeah, i'm a self declared star wars nerd. seriously, i love the shit - not in a "lets go to the star wars convention and dress up like stormtroopers" way, but definetley in a "let's line up for 5 hours to watch the phantom menace" type of way. excuses aside, you have to check out this amazing star wars X adidas collection featured by the good people at sneaker freaker. Also, check out the killer apparel selection as well; yep the vader cape is a bit over the top, but that x-wing hoodie is the business!

look at that shit, AT AT hi-tops!!!!

i dig em all, but these degobah system pieces are on the must have list for me. haut!

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Chris said...

Slave 1 joints next, please.