Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4Q drops the good word

While checking out Max Schaff’s 4Q conditioning blog the other day, I came across a piece that gave me that “dang, I’ve been there” feeling. Check it out…

My first day of high school was hell. i felt so outta place. i still wanted to be a kid...and looking around me in the hallways i realized it was all gonna change. jocks with full beards, dudes wearing perfume they called cologne, and these little groups of alike kids that stood about and looked down their noses at the kids that didn't belong to one of their nests. skateboard tucked under my arm, repeating in my mind my locker, combination 10-23-13... 10-23-13…

Fitting in has always been a difficult concept for me. the older i got the more i found people with the same feelings drawn to loner activities like skateboarding, artwork, music, and motorcycles. Things that you can do on your own... but are also fun to do with like minded folks.

Although I don’t back the whole biker gang thing, I have to give Max a hype up for featuring this super cool shot of the infamous all black biker gang, the East Bay Dragons from oakland

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