Wednesday, December 30, 2009

does powder really suck?

after some nagging sprains, and a couple of weeks of boiler plate ice at the locals i finally got a chance to test out my stepchild powder sucks 158. Having ridden a bunch of rockered decks recently, i had forgotten how much i digged a regular camber board; lively, responsive and super easy to ollie, it was awesome. overall, the board is great; super easy to ride, and the midflex keeps it ridable for the whole mountain, and not just the park. how was it on rails? jumps? honestly, you're asking the wrong guy, as i just dig on ridin the whole hill, doing flat land tricks, rollers - that type of thing. so for my riding the board was great + i'm a pretty big guy and the board held up well, with no chattering or slips outs whatsoever.

overall, i digged on the deck and will probably end up riding it all season vs. my rockered burton easy livin. i just liked it better + the regular camber made the board seem so much more lively and fun. Another big plus for the board is the price. In a world of $1600 snowboards, $359 US for a great deck is killer deal.

in the end, does powder really suck? hell no, nor does this board. grab one and support those companies that support snowboarding.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're digging the new board. I almost bought one myself last week, but ended up ordering a new Nitro, which should be here later today or tomorrow. We should get up to the mountain! Hopefully they get some snow soon...