Thursday, September 15, 2011

johnny on the spot

one thing about this bike is that its loud. now i'm talking loud in a nasty,ass kicking way; i love it. John took a bone stock 2009 harley "girls" bike and hammered out what you see here. What i dig about the bike is the details - john took the stock risers, cut and machined them down to what you see in the pics - while also cleaning up the dreaded eye brow. next thing on the list was to make up some tank lifts and chop the rear struts and fender. in the end, the bike is loud, fast and fun as hell to ride. check the specs

2009 harley davidson nightster
friscoed tank
removed front signals
relocated ignition
relocated coil
relocated speedo
Master blaster bars (dimpled by john for stock controls)
bmx grips
pep boys 4" auto air cleaner converted to a motorcycle air cleaner
chopped front eyebrow and risers
chopped rear struts & fender
sidearm exhaust by walt at ragerbuilt
forward controls
west eagle seat


Anonymous said...

yeah this is what i want


Anonymous said...

How's it ride with the chopped rear struts?