Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shakedown run

after dealing with the coldest april on record we finally got a nice sunny day in vancouver. I hadn't had the chance to really shake the bike down so this was finally my chance. Johnny boy bought out his new (just finished) nighster and it was on.

here's a shitty little vid i put together for proof of the fun. enjoy!

while this was indeed an awesome day, today turned out different as my drive belt snapped, leaving me stranded a good 10 miles from home, good times


Anonymous said...

i feel i should have been invited to this get together lol

nick said...

Naj! good to hear from you dude. saw you riding the hellraiser on scott road recently and yelled out "yo, naj!" but with the growl of that crazy exhaust you have you didnt hear me. this summer, insure that thing and we will ride!