Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its alive..... alive!!!!!

after months of stress, work, stress, financial strife and more stress the bike is finally done. it runs well and turned out almost how i wanted it to be. thanks to the wife for bein so patient with my crazyness, and obsessions. a few minor details to work out and i hope to not touch a grinder for the rest of the year

proof that it actually runs. sorry for my ass being on predominate display


Kash said...

Wow Nick - it looks absolutely awesome!! Luv it!

nick said...

thanks so much Kashie, totally appreciate it. it was a bitch building the thing, but in the end its pretty awesome.

weird thing is that i was just thinking "how is my boy kash doing?" and next thing i know i see your comment. thanks again man, hope everything is awesome

Amritpal said...

Looks cool Nick. The 5 is linked to the Panesar Bros I take it? Nice touch, if it is. Some of the earlier shots seemed to have a different colour/sheen but it may have been the light.

It does look like there could be some serious ass burns if you slipped out of that saddle but it's one way to wipe the bum clean. :-)

nick said...

hahaha, totally true amby - i too was worried about possible ass burns -i tested it for potential damage and it looked ok. only time will tell though..

as for the 5, yes indeed it is for our joint birthdays -good eye my man!

hope everything is awesome!