Friday, January 15, 2010

Best/ Worst of o nine - vol 2 - food -

It's no secret that I live to eat; and with so many amazing choices for food in this beautiful city it was tough to pick my favourite spot for the year. that being said, i chose the following as they had the biggest/best "i gotta tell so and so about this place, it's awesome" - consistency and quality of food. Anyway, enough chit chat, here's my choice for best eating spot in 09; and as an added feature best burger or 09

BestDinesty – now if dim sum is not your thing, you’ll hate this place. But if you dig on serious eats with amazing flavors, Dinesty in Richmond is the spot. Sure, the service isn’t the greatest, and the place is always packed – but if you can deal with it, you’ll thank me in the end. Order up the spicy tomato and beef, some shaomai and get down to business. After one visit you’ll discover why we call this place the “crack shack”

ohh, look at that.
Best Burger – sophies cosmic cafe - while my boy’s at the Vera’s in Surrey have turned out some bangers, Sophie’s Cosmic CafĂ© still wins for burger of the year. check out my past review for more

Overrated – Fat Burger – the first time I went to this place I was seriously let down; basic burger that’s supposed to taste like heaven, but rather than a feeling of elation, the burger left me feeling like Michael Douglas in falling down, screwed over. The first time around, I though it may have been a one off; but then I went back again to give it another chance only to discover that the fat isn't all that.

just give the man a good burger, is that too much to ask?

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