Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new shit

yep, i've been laggin on the blog these days as i really had nothing to talk shit about, until now...

first up, new bars on the bike. biltwell trackers, so awesome my neck is already thanking me

i recently bought a pair of bars from another company that cost me 3 times as much as my biltwell's and they were shit + the vendor refused to refund my money, bunch of bitches. should have gone with biltwell from the start

nan hates em.

and after a short search i tracked down a killer 70's buco full face. i already tore out the lining and trim to get it prepped for paint

stay tuned for the update!


Anonymous said...

with the new handles you can sit more upright


nick said...

yo naj, check your email son! bike show this saturday at barnes HD, lets hit it up!


and yes, the new bars do sit me up alot better