Wednesday, September 30, 2009

good from far, but far from good

Just finished up my ghetto rattle can spray job on my helmet, and i think it came out pretty rad myself. yeah, there is some paint runs and some bumps, but thats due to my lack of patience rather than skill. nevertheless, i dig it

i feel like jackie stewart wearing this thing, so cool


Anonymous said...

Dude that looks very nice, does it fit me?? :) Hey where can I hook up that Fulmer with the Japanese detail?
Might need it very soon :)
Ot Pi

nick said...

J-man, screw it dood. just run my blue fulmer till the spring. i'll be wearing this fullface for a while, so you are welcome to rock the blue one

LandMan said...

love that paint job, good work! where'd you get the shield part from?

nick said...

thanks Matt. the shield actually came with the helmet, and i got it right..... here

thanks again