Wednesday, October 26, 2011

charlie fu*%ing slasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after two years of saying "next year, next year" the stars aligned and the Capita charlie slasher 158 joined my shred quiver today. Man, i am beyond hyped for this thing and cant wait till the snow falls so i can rip a turn with Capita's powstick. Accompanied by a pair of Union Atlas bindings in purple this combo is gonna be my board of choice this upcoming season.

hype up to spense from easyloungin for helping me make my decision. Also, a note to the kids out there, go support a company like capita, as they are in the game for all the right reasons


TheGlove_20 said...

Sick Board Nick Mamaji! and i think we should finally go together!

nick said...

thanks dude, and we will. by the way, hows the sports boys dealing with the NBA strike?

Anonymous said...

Posers. If EITHER of you ever spent any time on the mountain, your statements above may hold some truth. If you'd like to actually find out how your new setup rides, I'd happily test it for you while I wait for my own!


PS: You need to answer your phone once in a while.

Nose Dradamous said...

Awesome. Stoked for you. And thanks, for the support.