Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boardin on the brain

getting older sucks. seriously, the more you get older the more responsibilities you have and the less time you get to do the things you love. For me, that's snowboarding. Now this past season i had a record low days on the hill and after complaining about it i finally decided to do something about it. So, i took 2 days off work in february, and told no one that i was off work. I snowboarded 4 days in a row (with the weekend) and it was easily the best shit ever. On day 2 Seymour recieved 50 cm's of snow and i was up there bright and early to shred the powder. Due to the snow Mystery chair was closed and i didnt feel like hiking so i hitup lodge chair for the day. it was such an amazing day that i had to break out the gopro and capture the action - so here i present 3 runs at mount seymour, easily the best day of my season


Amritpal said...

Hi Nick. Just about to pack in for the day (BST timezone!) and checked back to find the clip. I like the (almost) black and white footage to go with the music. Seems like you enjoyed kicking up the powder..! It (nearly!) made me think about doing snowboarding for a moment. Then the feeling passed. Phew. :-)

nick said...

just give in amby. with your balance and focus you would kill it on a snowboard. honestly, riding fast in deep snow is the best thing ever! thanks for checkin in


Anonymous said...

Sick. Watching this in the summer is going to make seem a lot longer, my friend.