Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 40th Birthday to one of the most badass gents on the planet, our boy Amrit. Now Amrit comes in at an unassuming 140lbs of pure fookin kung fu crazyness, this dood once took out 3 dudes by HIMSELF! ended up breakin his knuckle on the last of the shit distubers heads, and they ran like little gurls, punks. We love ya Amby, only wish we could be there with you this special day! here's my homage to the legend...

"You have dishonored my family and a Shaolin Temple. Now you must die."


Anonymous said...

nick, love it! You should have stuck the old Ice-T Syndicate T-shirt on line...!Kash

nick said...

you said it k-man, i remember he had 2 of those shirts with one getting torn up in a scuffle at the dog and trumpet, roots!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I get to check the web site and what do I find? Some crazy dude has defamed the pictures that pay homage to Batman and Bruce Lee! How dare you?! For this, the monks of the Shaolin temple will have to bring forth their hot iron cauldron, so you too can have the dragon and tiger tatoos permanently marked onto your fore-arms (see starting sequence of 1970's KungFu TV show). :-)

Many, many thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great time and today the folks came down. So t'wife cooked up the old school samosa, sholay and rice, topped off with fresh cream cakes. You couldn't do it any better. It's been 6 hours since I finished eating and I am still full.

Got more gifts than a person has any right to receive, least of all me. Very surprised (and honoured) that so many have even come close to remembering such a minor date.

Many thanks! Amrit.
p.s.: the Ice-T $yndicate T-shirt was ripped in Manchester in an, a-hem, incident. The other one is somewhere. I really must locate it soon... :-)

nick said...

nice Amby, awesome to hear that you had such a great day. Enjoy the attention my man; as parents it is rare that we get the focus of the family, but it is cool to see that so many are behind you.
Ice-t, man i can't even hear that shit without thinking of you guys. The OG album is an all time favorite. i should throw on a black raiders hat and spook out the other folks in the office.

all the best